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November 01, 2012
The Opposite Result

The Opposite Result
By Tony Harris

We generally get opposite results of what we desire when standing at the line and throwing our darts, especially when we try harder to get something extra on the throw. Usually one pushes the shot with too much body movement and will lose smooth arm mechanics and end up with a poor shot.

The action of throwing is a series of muscle movements almost mechanical, all in sequence. Muscle tension or trying too hard when throwing, will interfere with the sequence.  This muscle tension interrupts the smooth flow of our throw and causes small or big errors in body action, and ultimately, errors in where the dart lands on the board thus creating opposite the intended result.

The follow through of the hand is very important and excess tightening of muscles will interrupt follow through and shorten the arc of the throw. If a throw is choppy, the dart will travel off its intended path falling short or drifting to either side of our target. While standing at the throw line most mistakes will be made when trying for that extra zip.

Regular players make common mistakes and may think they must hit every dart in their intended target. By thinking of the intended results instead of the mechanics and consistency of the throw is a big mistake. Throwing movement is vital to your accuracy and consistency.

When throwing accurately, we are probably only throwing at about 70 to 80 percent of our maximum throwing ability. Throwing too hard creates all kinds of problems in our consistency and accuracy. Having a consistent swing in our throw gives us a more consistent trajectory of our dart, and may result in a tighter grouping.

"All too often, we find the opposite results when throwing not to miss instead of throwing with the confidence of knowing we will hit our target."

Landing your dart in the target wedge the majority of the time will instill confidence. Confidence builds you and your game play so belief in yourself is a key factor in your success. Even a small amount of confidence can go a long way. Building your confidence will help you reinforce your throw, and line/path.

So let's recap - trying too hard is not the way to go and you will continue to push inaccurate shots and ultimately the opposite of your intended results. So remember, by concentrating on your throwing mechanics and having confidence in them, and your throw you will have more consistency and accuracy in your game.

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