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December 07, 2010
Practicing Cricket

If you're like me, this is one of the hardest things to make yourself do. Let's face it, practicing by yourself just isn't as much fun as head-to-head competition (hitting a Ton 80 without any witnesses is really depressing). The important thing to remember is to keep a record of your progress to see what parts of your game needs work. Below I've listed a number of different practice routines that I have either used or have heard of. If you have one that you'd like me to add to the list, just fill in the form below and let me know. Enjoy!

Cricket Practice


This is a rather straight-forward game which gives you good practice on your cricket numbers. You list the numbers on the scoreboard as shown below starting the game with 40 points. You will start the game by throwing all three darts at the 15. Every 15 you hit is then added to your score (if you hit four 15s, then your score would be 100). Here's where the game gets it's name, if you miss the 15 with all three darts, your score is divided in half (round up for odd numbers). Next turn you throw at the 16s, then at doubles, and so on until you've thrown at the bulls. Keeping a record of your games will not only show your progress but will also point out those numbers/targets that you have the most problems with.

'01 Practice

Rotation (also known as Around the World/Clock)

You throw your first dart at the one and continue until you hit it. Once you hit it you move to the two and so on until you've hit the bull. If you hit a triple, you aim at the number that is 3 greater than the one you hit. if you hit a double, then move 2 numbers forward. You always finish the game with a double bull, it can not be skipped by hitting a double or triple. To track your progress, simply keep a record on how many darts it takes you from start to finish.

One variation to this which will help you on your doubles is to aim at nothing but doubles (ie. D1, D2, D3, ..... DB). Once again, keep track of the total number of darts it took you to finish.

There is another way to practice on your doubles. I do not know the name of the game but here are the rules (you can come up with your own name). Start off with a preset amount of points (I've heard people starting with either 29 or 50 points). Your first round will be aiming at the double 1. For each time you hit it, you add those points to your score. If you miss it, you subtract 1 from your score. The next turn you shoot at the 2 and so on until you get to the bull. So, for example, you have 10 points and you are aiming at the double 17 and you hit it twice, your score would then be 78 (2X17X2 + 10). But let's say you miss it, then your score would be -7 (10-17). This will help you track which doubles give you the most problems.

101 Double In/Double Out: This is a good game to play and can be won in three darts. A good practice routine would be to take turns aiming at a different double to start the game off in. Only the double one will not leave you with a two dart out.

Start games with 170 points and see how many darts it takes you to double out (yes, if you're perfect you can do it in 3 darts T20/T20/DB).



Until Next Time!


On April 18, 2011 Tony Harris said...

It totally depends on the dart. Some have removable tips. Usually it will say if the tips are removable. There are primarily two types of removable steal tips: 1. Pressure fit and you simply pull them out with a pliers and then push the new ones in with a pliers. 2. Screw-on just like soft tips (these are the convertible darts we sell). Hope that helps.

On April 17, 2011 Chris said...

How to remove the steel tip coz its dull & it become short.. & if ever the steel tip was broken half or in the barrel how do I remove the tip now??

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