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Fat Cat Beer Darts

Fat Cat Beer Darts

Product Num: 26-1490
Manufacturer: GLD Products

The Fat Cat "Beer Dart" is made from a durable brass and is designed more for the average dart player and those who play just for fun. These were created from the popular game "Beer Darts" and are now used for playing actual darts. When you walk into a room people will know who the "Fat Cat" is!

These Fat Cat "Beer Darts" come equipped with:

We took a popular game, Beer Darts, and tried to perfect it with this new line of darts. Taking durable brass mixed with steel tips making this the perfect mixture for a good time!

Barrels: Brass
Shafts: Nylon
Flights: 2 sets
Tips: Steel
Weight: 17 grams
Item #: 26-1490

Need to know how to play beer darts?  Click Here!

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