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Viper Comix Soft Tip Darts

Be the dart super hero you always wanted to be with Viper Comix soft tip darts. The Comix soft-tip line features brightly colored 18g barrels with intelligently placed grooves to enhance your grip. They also maintain great balance. Each Comix dart set includes aluminum shafts and ships in a custom printed slide clase. Comix soft-tip dart set also includes printed flights as well as extra shafts, tips, dart mechanic wrench, and spare set of flights.

Viper by GLD

Comix Dart Case

Comix Soft Tip Darts Blue - 18 Grams

Product Num: 20-2201-18
Manufacturer: GLD Products

Viper Comix Soft Tip Darts Include:

Barrels: Coated Brass with pineapple cut grooves
Shafts: Aluminum
Flights: 2 sets
Tips: 2BA
Item #: 20-2201-18
Weight: 18 grams

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