Comix Soft Tip Darts Blue - 18 Grams

Product Num: 20-2201-18
Manufacturer: GLD Products

Viper Comix Soft Tip Darts Include:

Barrels: Coated Brass with pineapple cut grooves
Shafts: Aluminum
Flights: 2 sets
Tips: 2BA
Item #: 20-2201-18
Weight: 18 grams

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Comix Soft Tip Darts Blue - 18 Grams Reviews
    • Reviewed By: christine Jan 14, 2010
    • Rating: Ranking 1
    • I am returning both sets of darts. Opened first set, and the tip broke on the 3rd throw. Also didnt like the hole it left on my board, even though I have a self healing board.