Number of Players:
Any number can play, but Killer is most fun with three or more players.

Numbers in Play: The numbers used are determined by the players.  Each player throws one dart with the "opposite" hand.  (e.g., right-handers throw left-handed) to determine randomly his or her own number.  If a player misses the dartboard or hits a number already taken, he or she throws again.

Rules of the Game:  Each player first tries to hit the double of his or her own number.  When this is acheived, the player is known as a "killer" and a K is placed after his name on the scoreboard.  After becoming a killer, a player begins aiming for the doubles of opponents' numbers.  Each player has three lives and whenever a killer hits an opponents' double the opponent loses one of his lives.  If a killer hits his or her own double by mistake, the killer loses one live; it is therefore possible to kill yourself by accident. it is also possible to kill an opponent in one exceptional three dart turn by throwing three doubles.  The game progresses until only one person has any lives left.


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