English Cricket

 Dart Rules for English Cricket

Number of Players:
Two players or two teams

Numbers in Play:  All numbers are used but since each score must exceed 40 the higher numbers especially 20 are the favorites.

Rules of Play:  One player becomes the batter, and the other is the bowler; the batter goes first. Ten stripes are entered on the dartboard as wickets. The bowler's task is to erase these wickets by hitting bull's-eyes: With each single bull's-eye, one wicket is erased, and with each double bull's-eye, two wickets are erased. The batter's task is to score as many points or runs while any wickets remain, but only scores over 40 count. For example, a score of 38 would score no runs, a score of 42 would score 1 run and a score of 60 would score 20 and so on. 

Scoring stops when all 10 wickets are (or crossed out) by the bowler. The batter notes his or her final score on the scoreboard, and the roles are reversed. The game is played in two seperate rounds, with each player throwing an entire round as batter and bowler. The winner is the player with the most points, or runs, from his or her round as batter. 

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