Dart Rules for Cricket

Number of Players:
Two individual players or two teams.

Numbers in Play: 20,19,18,17,16,15, and bulls-eye.

The objective shall be to own/close certain numbers on the dartboard, and to achieve the highest point score. The player/team to do so first, shall be the winner.

Each player/team shall take turns throwing. (Three darts in succession shall constitute a turn/Inning.)

To close an inning, the player/team must score three of a number. This can be accomplished with three singles, a single and a double, or a triple.

Once a player/team scores three of a number, it is 'owned' by that player/team. Once both players/teams have scored three of a number, it is closed, and no further scoring can be accomplished on that number by either player/team.

To close the bullseye, the outer bull counts as a single, and the inner bull counts as a double.

Once a player/team closes an inning, he/they may score points on that number until the opponent also closes that inning. All numerical scores shall be added to the previous balance.

Numbers can be owned or closed in any order desired by the individual player/team. Calling your shot is not required.

For the purpose of owning a number, the double and triple ring shall count as 2 or 3, respectively. Three marks will close an inning.

After a number is owned by a team, the double and triple ring shall count as 2 or 3 times the numerical values, respectively. Winning the game:

a. The player/team that closes all innings first and has the most
   points, shall be declared the winner.
b. If both sides are tied on points, or have no points, the first
   player/team to close all innings shall be the winner.
c. If a player/team closes all innings first, and is behind in points,
   he/they must continue to score on any innings not closed until
   either the point deficit is made up, or the opponent has closed
   all innings.

It shall be the responsibility of the player to verify his score before removing his darts from the dartboard. The score remains as written if one or more darts has been removed from the dartboard. In accordance with the inherent strategy involved in the Cricket game, no alterations in score shall be allowed, after the fact.

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