Zing Pico Mini Disc Can Topper
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Manufacturer: Dynamic Discs

Zing Pico Mini Disc Can Topper. Limited colors.

Check out the new Zing Mini Disc! It works great as a soda saver out on the course. The mini actually snaps onto the top of a soda can.

The Zing Pico Mini is 2.5" in diameter and weighs only 12 grams.

Colors and hues will vary.

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Product Numbers:
2901-RED, 2901-ORG, 2905-ORG, 2901-GLO, 2905-GLO, 2902-GLO, 2905-PNK, 2902-PNK, 2901-PUR, 2905-PUR, 2902-PUR, 2901-BLU, 2905-BLU, 2902-BLU, 2901-MAU, 2905-MAU, 2902-MAU, 2901-HTPNK, 2905-HTPNK, 2902-HTPNK, 2901-BLK, 2905-BLK, 2902-BLK, 2901-LTPRP, 2905-LTPRP, 2902-LTPRP, 2901-MNT, 2905-MNT, 2902-MNT, 2901-PYEL, 2905-PYEL, 2902-PYEL, 2901-YEL, 2905-YEL, 2902-YEL, 2901-GRN, 2905-GRN, 2902-GRN, 2901-WHT, 2905-WHT, 2902-WHT
Zing Pico Mini Disc Can Topper Reviews

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