Featured! Target Darts RVB Echo Steel Tip Darts 23 Grams
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Manufacturer: Target Darts UK

1 23 Gram in Open Box, discounted.

The RVB Echo – a collaboration between two brands.

Taking key elements from both the Echo range and the RVB G4 this dart range encompasses multiple grip profiles,

contrasting colour schemes and performance coatings throughout creating an elegant range.

The barrel itself features 3 grip profiles, Precision Milling at the front, classic Knurling in the middle and at the rear

radial grooves. The front grips are then separated with re-machined chrome rings and the rear grips feature hand

sandblasting within the grooves for added grip.

The range is completed with Black Pro Grip shaft exclusive to RVBxEcho and signature RVBxEcho flights.

  • Player endorsed
  • Used by Raymond Van Barneveld
  • Precision milled
  • CNC milling machines are used to create advanced and intricate grip designs
  • Performance coating
  • Features Black PVD performance delivering enhanced grip
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