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Viper Cold Steel™ Darts

These Viper "Cold Steel" steel tip darts are made from 80/20 Tungsten and are sure to bring you as a dart player new respect! Designed and built for the competitor in you, the Cold Steel dart will give you that predatory instinct needed to make your mark! This is one dart you will want in your arsenal.

Viper by GLD

Cold Steel Case

Viper Cold Steel™ Tungsten Steel Tip Darts - 1/4'' Barrel

Product Num: 23-2921-21
Manufacturer: GLD Products

The Viper "Cold Steel" steel tip dart comes equipped with:

Barrels: 80/20 Tungsten
Shafts: Aluminum Diamond Cut
Flights: 2 sets
Weight: 21 grams
Case: Slide Case
Item #: 23-2921-21

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