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Viper Bully Steel Tip Darts

The Viper "Bully" steel tip darts are made from 80/20 Tungsten and are knurled. The "Bully" darts have a heavy knurl for superior grip and are precision weighted for that perfect accuracy that every dart player is looking for! Don't be affraid to "Bully" your opponents with these high quality steel tip darts.

Viper by GLD

Bully Dart Case

Viper Bully Tungsten Steel Tip Darts - 24 Gram

Product Num: 23-1904
Manufacturer: GLD Products

These Viper "Bully" steel tip darts come equipped with

Barrels: 80/20 Tungsten Knurled
Shafts: Aluminum Color Master
Flights: 2 sets
Weight: 24 Grams
Case: Deluxe Dart Pal
Product Number:
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