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Viper Vanity Soft Tip Darts

This soft tip dart series will become tried and true flirts. It all starts with style. She wants performance, stylish design, and demands value. Now she has a product to call her own. This Viper Vanity 16g soft-tip dart set features custom black coated barrells with pink hand-painted rings, custom Dart Pal case, and also includes spare flights, shafts, tips, deflectors, and dart mechanic wrench.

Viper by GLD

Vanity Dart Case

Viper Vanity Dart Bitch Soft Tip Darts

Product Num: 20-0317-16
Manufacturer: GLD Products

Viper Vanity Dart Bitch Soft Tip Darts come with:

Barrels: Coated Brass
Shafts: Aluminum
Flights: 2 Sets
Tips: 2BA
Item #: 20-0317-16
Weight: 16 grams
Case: Deluxe Dart Pal

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