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Viper Camouflage Realtree Soft Tip Darts

Licensed Realtree dart set is the ideal camouflaged dart to eye up the perfect shot.  This dart also makes a great gift for the hunter in your life.  What hunter wouldn't want camo darts?!?  This camo dart set includes dart mechanic, wrench, extra tips, shafts and Realtree flights. Flights and shafts may vary. All darts sold in sets of 3.

Viper by GLD

Fat Cat Realtree APC Pink Camo Soft Tip Darts

Product Num: 26-1427
Manufacturer: GLD Products

These Fat Cat Pink Camo Soft Tip Darts Include:

Barrels: Nickel
Shafts: Nylon
Flights: 2 sets
Tips: 2BA
Item #: 26-1427
Weight: 16 grams
Case: Slim Case

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