Mainstreet Classics Classic 18" Backgammon Set

Product Num: 55-0919
Manufacturer: GLD Products
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Mainstreet Classics rekindles family fun the way it was done on the streets of America in years past.  Mainstreet Classics packs traditional games into a unique stylish package and games are encased in high grade black leatherette cases.  Most cases have double reversed white stitching and backgammon has a suede playing field.  Mainstreet Classics is sure to entertain.

Classic Backgammon Octagon 5 in 1 Game

  • Leatherette storage case with metal clasp
  • Suede/leatherette interior
  • Backgammon playing pieces
  • Two leatherette dice cups
  • One backgammon doubling cube
  • Two pair of dice
  • Playing instructions