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Love my new HammerHeads! I used to play tournaments about 10 years ago and these darts bring it all back. Great balance, great flight pattern, great feel, and definitely great quality! The best part is the price for all of this is unbeatable! I've found the same darts in a store by me for over twice the price. No way! Great job guys. Delivery was the only down fall as the updates were not detailed enough as to where the order stood. No problem though for a great product.
-   James J.

The best set of darts I've ever bought.
-   Greg P.

Another smooth transaction, fast shipping, great communication, and the equipment is A++++, thanks again.
-   Robert E.

Thank you for the speedy service. Very impressed with the quickness and complete attentiveness.
-   Lorraine D.

They are very nice for the price. The delivery was very good and I will order from them again.
-   Scott A.

Everybody at the pub definitely prefers these to the all plastic shafted house specials, great improvement and a great deal for the price.
-   Brian K.

Great buy !! You get a nice assortment, think I will order another pack. They ship fast also.
-   Lori B.

Again I am very pleased with the quality and price of the products I ordered and received. The process, your web site and delivery are all great. I will be recommending your darts and other products. I am enjoying these darts. They are as good or better than any I have had. I save these for myself and other darters that visit my game room and use the "commercial" darts I purchased from you (best I have ever seen)for non-darters that visit. Thanks
-   Bruce A.

Got a really great deal and love the darts I ordered!!! Absolutely the best service I have received in a long time. I will definitely place an order again. I really liked the follow up e-mails letting me know the status of my order. Thanks.
-   Pam C.

Great deal!!!
-   Clint B.

My order was very easy to place, and it got to me in no time. I was sent regular emails to alert me of when it was to be shipped out. I idn't have any questions or concerns, so I'm not sure about the customer service. Once I got my package, I was VERY pleased. They were exactly what I wanted.
-   Lauren P.

Great tool for my darts and the best place to buy and great service is at darting.com.
-   Troy T.

Best price I've found.
-   Jarred P.

Great throw line. Great company to order from.
-   Kristi S.

A must for everyone that runs a league...very good price also...
-   Keith F.

Excellent service. I will order again from these guys when products are needed.
-   William B.

Good service. Darts throw great, especially for the price!
-   Stephen B.

Good product at a great price.
-   Mike L.

I ordered this product for a friend, who saw the one we had ordered and he absolutely loves it.
This makes three I've bought so far (including our own) and I'm waiting on another friend to give me the money to order one for him, too.
This product gets RAVE reviews everywhere we go and when asked where we got it, I have no problem whatsoever giving them the website and/or business cards.
Two thumbs up!!!!!
-   Tabatha H.

Great quality product. Thanks!
-   Jeffery M.

Superfast shipping. Case is great. Will definately shop this site again. Thanks for the great service.
-   Joe M.

I love the poker chip set that I ordered! It is the nicest set I have ever owned!
-   Amanda A.

The site was easy to look through and Im sure that case will make a great gift, as that is what it was intended for.
-   Kali H.

Can't beat the price!
-   Mike C.

I would like to thank darting.com for the fast and correct shipment. We ordered our darts over the holiday weekend and they got here in 2 days. Thank you.
-   Melissa F.

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