How to Play Beer Darts


Want to have a good time while having a few brews with your best buds? All you need is some friends, some beers, and a dart board, and you've got everyone thing you need to play Beer Darts. It's one heck of a drinking game that combines your skill at dart throwing, with your ability to hold your liquor, for one amazing experience.

To begin, get a group of friends together somewhere where you have a lot to drink, and a dart board. Each player throws a dart at the board, and wherever that player's dart lands, that's their number for the rest of the game. If they get the same number as someone else, they throw again, until they have a number of their own. Then, get some drinks ready, because you're going to need them.

Before a person begins playing Beer Darts, make sure you pick a common distance to throw from. Once you have, the first player stands at that distance, and throws three darts. If the player lands on their own number while playing Beer Darts, the take a drink, and erase one of their tallies from the board; if they land on a double (the circle on the outside of the board), they take two drinks, and erase two tallies; if they land on a triple (the circle near the middle of the board), they take three drinks, and erase three tallies; and if you miss the board, you must take a drink. If, however, if the player manages to hit someone else's number, the person to whom that number belongs must take a drink, and lose a tally, likewise two for a double and three for a triple. If a player is able to score a bull's eye, the player gets to make someone take a drink, two for inside the bull's eye, one for outside ring, but the person chosen to drink does not lose any tallies. The game continues until only one player is left with tallies, and that player must take a drink for every tally that remains.



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