MVP Cosmic Neutron Entropy Putt and Approach Disc
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Manufacturer: MVP Disc Sports

Speed: 4 Glide: 3 Turn: 0 Fade: 3

The Entropy is a durable overstable workhorse in the 10.5mm Putter class.

The Entropy is an overstable Putt and Approach disc designed for flights with reserved glide and a dependable finishing fade. It delivers as the overstable workhorse putter GYRO® fans have been waiting for. The Entropy has the premium grip and durability to become your go-to approach or high wind putter. The Entropy has arrived in Plasma plastic and is ready to be disc golf’s premier overstable putter!

CLASS 10.5mm Putt / Approach
WEIGHTS 160g-175g
RIM WIDTH 10.5mm
Product Num:
Product Numbers:
101-111-3807-007001-7075-PCH, 101-111-3807-007001-6569-PCH, 101-111-3807-007001-7075-ORABRST, 101-111-3807-007001-6569-ORABRST, 101-111-3807-007001-7075-YELBRST, 101-111-3807-007001-6569-YELBRST, 101-111-3807-007001-7075-REDBRST, 101-111-3807-007001-6569-REDBRST, 101-111-3807-007001-7075-PNKBRST, 101-111-3807-007001-6569-PNKBRST
MVP Cosmic Neutron Entropy Putt and Approach Disc Reviews

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