Silver Widow Fixed Point - Knurled Steel Tip

Product Num: SWF-2
Manufacturer: Laserdarts
Product Numbers:
SWF-2-20, SWF-2-23, SWF-2-26, SWF-2-28
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The world famous Widows have spun a new web. This albino spider is 90% Tungsten. Hurt your opponents and bite back!

“SPIDER LEG” SHAFT (Fixed Point ONLY): Four high tensile strength wires are anchored in an aluminum base and covered with heat shrunk rubber to form a firm hold on the flight. (Please Note: Spider Leg shafts are supplied with fixed point models only, and are NOT recommended for use on moveable point darts!)

“LASER POINT”: A rough oxide coating is applied to the point to increase friction and prevent softly thrown darts from falling out.

90% Pure Tungsten Darts

STYLES: Ringed (Grooved) or Knurled models.

BARREL: The manufacturing process begins with a billet of 90% pure tungsten. This assures an extremely short and slim barrel for its weight level. The billet is then center-ground and shaped with a slightly front-heavy balance for more consistent dart groupings. After the threads, point cavity and barrel styles are machined, the billet is checked for proper weight.

LIFETIME GUARANTEE on all barrels.

Presented in a Deluxe case with extra flights and shafts.

MSilver Widow Dart Spider!ade in the U.S.A

“There are darts... There are good darts...
and there are WIDOWS!”
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