Black Widow Smooth Barrel Steel Tip Darts

Product Num: BWM1
Manufacturer: Laserdarts
Product Numbers:
BWM1-22, BWM1-19, BWM1-25
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Weights: 19, 22, 25 Grams

The Laserdart "Black Widow" dart incorporates many innovative concepts. It features a rough, black oxide coating on point to prevent darts from falling out, slight front-weighted dart and a slim barrel for increased accuracy.

These Laserdart Black Widow steel tip darts come equipped with:

  • Barrels- Smooth 90% Tungsten
  • Shafts- Come With Fit Flight Shaft and Flight System :
  • Flights- may vary
  • Weight- 19, 22, & 25
  • Case- Deluxe
  • Moveable points