Red Dragon Peter Wright Supa-Venom Soft Tip Darts RD-246
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Manufacturer: Red Dragon Darts


Peter Wright, the relentless Double World Champion, challenged Red Dragon's design team to create him a futuristic dart design packed with the most technologically advanced features ever seen in a single set of darts. Supa-Venom has gone through the depths of testing, ensuring that this extra technology is used to the max, and fits Peter like a glove. These technology-packed barrels feature Triple Milling, Ring Cut Design, Multiple Ionic Coating, Dual Profile Contours and Double Geometric Grip Styling. The result is futuristic concept darts that the Double World Champion is already throwing in Major events today. These scintillating-looking darts are finished with Quattro vertical orientated rounded edge grip in midnight black, and a rear cube design sloped radius grip in electric blue - the result is breath-taking. The Dual Geometric grip styling allows Peter to leverage the exact grip contact areas, with his thumb and forefinger driving the dart trajectory. The front vertical hexagonal design allows him to instinctively counterbalance the forward thrust achieving a pure flow to his throw. Sharing Peter’s passion for darts design is deep in Red Dragons DNA and this latest collaboration is a game-changer in player dart design.

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