Nightmares™ Tungsten Soft-tip Darts

Product Num: ENM-3
Manufacturer: Laserdarts

The Laserdart "Nightmares" will give your opponent unpleasant dreams and scare them to death when they see you using these darts. With coarse knurling for incredible grip and polished (not in vapor coated) with painted rings.

These Laserdart Nightmares soft tip dart set comes equipped with:

 Barrels: 90% tungsten
Shafts: Aluminum
Flights: 2 sets
Tips: 2BA

Product Numbers:
ENM-3-16, ENM-3-18, ENM-3-20
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Nightmares™ Tungsten Soft-tip Darts Reviews
    • Reviewed By: Adam Apr 23, 2008
    • Rating: Ranking 1Ranking 2Ranking 3Ranking 4Ranking 5
    • Ordering online can be tough because you cannot see the product before hand however these darts are great. My game has improved and with a good amount of practice they will be true nightmares for my opponents.
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