Gold Widow™ Soft-tip Darts EGW-2
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Manufacturer: Laserdarts

The Laserdart "Gold Widow" has vapor coated barrels to give them that gold luster. A slightly frontweighted dart for increased accuracy, and a slim barrels allows for a tighter grouping. This is definitely one bite your opponents do not want to feel. Choose knurled or smooth.

These Laserdarts Gold Widow soft tip darts come equipped with:

Barrels: Vapor coated, knurled 90% Tungsten
Shafts: Spider leg aluminum or one new one piece red shaft / flight**
Flights: may vary
Tips: 2BA
Weight: 16, 18, & 20
Case: Deluxe

** The manufacturer is in the process of changing over the shafts and flights to a single red one piece shaft / flight.  We only have a few left with the Spider legs and then only the one piece red shaft will be available.

Product Num:
Product Numbers:
EGW-2-18, EGW-2-20, EGW-2-16
Gold Widow™ Soft-tip Darts EGW-2 Reviews
    • Reviewed By: donovan Feb 6, 2016
    • Rating: Ranking 1Ranking 2Ranking 3Ranking 4 Ranking 4
    • First time using the spider Web shafts, and my opinion, they aren't too bad. I threw very well the next game I had in league and shot just above my average. I'm satisfied with my purchase.
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