Elkadart ''Storm'' Soft Tip Darts

Product Num: 20-1183-16
Manufacturer: GLD Products
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The Elkadart "Storm" is one dart set that truly gives meaning to the saying "The quiet before the storm". When you walk into the room everybody will know there is "Storm" a coming and will send everybody heading for cover. These stylish darts have eye catching color schemes and make a great gift idea for that player who wants to wreak havoc on their competition.

These Elkadart "Storm" soft tip darts come equipped with:

 Storm Case Barrels: Brass Barrels
Shafts: Aluminum
Flights: Custom 2D
Tips: 2BA
Weight: 16 Grams
Case: Black Resin

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Elkadart ''Storm'' Soft Tip Darts Reviews
    • Reviewed By: Gary Feb 3, 2011
    • Rating: Ranking 1Ranking 2Ranking 3Ranking 4Ranking 5
    • The darts have a solid feel and are easy to get to the target
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