Elkadart ''Black Mamba'' Tungsten Soft Tip Darts

Product Num: 1900
Manufacturer: GLD Products
Product Numbers:
1900-14, 1900-16, 1900-18
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The Elkadart "Black Mamba" is one dart "YOU" don't want to be bitten by. With its sleek black coating and facets, this is one dart given the name of the Black Mamba for a reason, it will give your opponent one bite they will not recover from! Made from 80/20 Tungsten this is one dart set that will surely scare your competition away!

These Black Mamba soft tip darts come equipped with:


 Black Resin Dart Case

Barrels: 80% tungsten powder coated

Shafts: Diamond cut aluminum
Flights: Custom 2D
Tips: 2BA
Case: Black Resin

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