Widow Condor Zero Stress Dart Flight & Shaft Shape White
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Manufacturer: Laserdarts

Set of 3 One Piece Shaft-Flights

2ba size thread

Integrated Unibody Design (Simple 2 in 1 Type) provides a stress free setup. No flight or shaft separation during play.

Unique CONDOR Cut shaft design keeps air resistance to a minimum & allows for an incredibly close grouping. 

Amazing Flexi-Soft Design uses strong flexi-soft type material that allows a tight fit with only minimal force needed to tighten. This provides a tight performance, low impact, greatly reduced deflections & easier grouping.

Increased Bull Accuracy by up to 4.76% is based on professional players (including No.1 Japanese Darts Player Yuki Yamada) aiming at the bull using folding type flights & standard market shafts over a 100 throw process.

Durable & Long-lasting with up to 3 weeks of long lasting use (based on professional use thrown daily over a 3 hour period) showing minimal damage to the flight part of the product. For longer life, remove darts from the dart boards while gripping the barrel part ...not the shaft/flight section.

Lighter than other flight/shaft combinations the weight distribution of the dart barrel becomes slightly front heavy. Also air buoyancy is slightly increased, so it is advised to use a slightly lighter than usual throw.

Please Note:  Condor lengths are different than other shaft lengths. Length is measured from top of the thread to base of the flight. Please be aware that packaging is labelled with Condor lengths, but you order using normal shaft lengths.


These Flights are 27.5mm a normal InBetween length.

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