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Casemaster Plazma Dart Case

Product Num: 36-0700
Manufacturer: GLD Products
Product Numbers:
36-0700-01, 36-0700-02, 36-0700-03, 36-0700-06, 36-0700-09, 36-0700-10, 36-0700-11, 36-0700-12, 36-0700-16
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Casemaster Plazma Dart Case

The most comprehensive dart storage system in a portable package is here with the Casemaster Plazma dart case! Made to stand up to the elements and protect your darts, the Plazma combines both enduring strength of materials with easy-to-carry portability for a complete package. The Plazma packs enough storage to suit even the most serious darters. The prized possession of any darter is their darts, and the Plazma can store a full set! Whether you’re carrying an extra set to lend out or you’ve got to have just the right dart for the situation, we’ve got you covered. Each dart is secured in a foam insert to prevent any movement that may cause damage to your darts. With plenty of space at either end of the case, you won’t have to fold down your flights, leading to longer lifespans and a truer flight path. In addition to dart storage, the Plazma can hold an armory’s worth of dart supplies to keep you on target and your darts in top form.

  • Constructed from tenacious nylon fibers woven around a hard resin shell
  • Foam insert locks darts securely into place to prevent any movement
  • Enough storage space for 3 fully assembled darts
  • 12 slots for extra flights, shafts, and accessories
  • Plastic tube with separate lids on each end for spare tips and smaller accessories
  • Accommodates both soft and steel tip darts

Available in Black,  Light Blue, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Green, Ruby Red, Amethyst Purple, Sapphire Dark Blue

Product Details

Length: 7.48 in
Width: 4.13 in
Height: 1.97 in
Weight: 0.48 lbs
Casemaster Plazma Dart Case Reviews

The Casemaster Plazma Dart Case has not yet been reviewed.

Target Phil Taylor 95 Gen 5 Soft Tipe Darts
Target Rob Cross Voltage 80 Steel Tip Darts