Dart World Mahogany Darts Kit

Product Num: DW-49129
Manufacturer: Dart World
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American made cabinets are handcrafted from specially selected clear western pine with a fine furniture finish. The cabinets feature high-quality adjustable brass hinges, chal scoreboard, and out chart. The Mahogany Darts Kit includes a tournametn quality traditional dartboard, two sets of brass darts, and a Shoot the Bull throwline. All the dart game gear in one kit for your enjoyment!

  • Competition quality bristle dartboard
  • Chalk scoreboard & out chart
  • Two sets of brass 2BA darts
  • Shoot the Bull throwline
  • Outer Cabinet Dimensions - 22.5"x25.5"x3.5"
  • Inner Cabinet Dimensions - 20.5"x20.5"x2"
  • Flights may vary from those shown.
Dart World Mahogany Darts Kit Reviews

The Dart World Mahogany Darts Kit has not yet been reviewed.

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