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Casemaster Nomad Dart Case

Product Num: 36-1000
Manufacturer: GLD Products
Product Numbers:
36-1000-01, 36-1000-02, 36-1000-06, 36-1000-09, 36-1000-10, 36-1000-11, 36-1000-12, 36-1000-16, 36-1000-19
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  • Dual Clip Closure - These strong clips form a tight seal and keep the Nomad case securely closed until game time.
  • Anti-Crush Flight Cavity - Keep flights safe flights by protecting them with the Nomad's custom form fitting shell.
  • Quad Hinge System - Four points of contact allow these hinges to function with low stress, extending their life significantly.
  • Adjustable Size - Notched grooves allow the bottom of the case to be reconfigured to fit darts up to 6.5 inches in length! This allows for a more secure fit during transport.
  • Keyring Attachment - Clip anything you desire onto this compact lightweight case.
  • Carabiner Clip Included - Clip and go! The included Carabiner clip allows you to attach this case to anything.
  • One Full Set - Stores 3 fully assembled darts up to 6.5 inches long.
  • Moisture Resistant Shell - The Nomad's hard shell exterior is designed to repel moisture. No need to worry when you set it down on a counter or pub table.

Available in Black, Red, Purple, Orange, Green, Yellow, Pink, Blue, and Clear.