Target Darts Power Gen 9 95% SP Steel Tip Darts 2022
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Manufacturer: Target Darts UK

24 Gram in open box, discounted 1 barrel slightly different than the other two.

The Power 9Five Generation 9 - created and designed in collaboration with the 16 X World Champion. The result is

a high precision 95% tungsten barrel with the perfect weight and balance.

The barrel offers a high level of CNC milling throughout with extreme detail. The barrel features 3 grip

areas, the front is a chrome nano based grip which then moves to a combination of machine milled rings

with subtle detail. Lastly, at the rear is a unique design which features a ‘square’ like grip which was

created using high precision milling machines.

The black PVD performance coated dart is then finished with an exclusive Phil Taylor G9 Shaft, Nano

  • Swiss Point and exclusive Taylor G9 flights.
  • Player endorsed
  • Used by 16 x World Champion Phil Taylor
  • Swiss Point
  • Manufactured with the Swiss Point interchangeable point system allowing you to switch point length, style and color in seconds with just the pocket-sized Swiss Point tool
  • Performance coating
  • Features Black PVD performance delivering enhanced grip
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Product Numbers:
190172, 190173, 190174
Target Darts Power Gen 9 95% SP Steel Tip Darts 2022 Reviews
    • Reviewed By: Sue Jan 23, 2023
    • Rating: Ranking 1Ranking 2Ranking 3Ranking 4Ranking 5
    • Love, love, love these Phil Taylor darts! The weight is perfect. The grip is just right for me, and my darts are flying a bit more true. A few of my fellow shooters in my league have tried them and agree with me. I’m happy with my choice and would highly recommend these darts, especially to someone who prefers a shorter dart.
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