McDermott Lucky Pool Cue - L10

Product Num: L10
Manufacturer: McDermott
Product Numbers:
L10-19-13mm, L10-18-13mm, L10-18.5-13mm, L10-19.5-13mm, L10-20-13mm, L10-20.5-13mm, L10-21-13mm, L10-19-12mm, L10-18-12mm, L10-18.5-12mm, L10-19.5-12mm, L10-20-12mm, L10-20.5-12mm, L10-21-12mm, L10-19-12.25mm, L10-18-12.25mm, L10-18.5-12.25mm, L10-19.5-12.25mm, L10-20-12.25mm, L10-20.5-12.25mm, L10-21-12.25mm, L10-19-12.5mm, L10-18-12.5mm, L10-18.5-12.5mm, L10-19.5-12.5mm, L10-20-12.5mm, L10-20.5-12.5mm, L10-21-12.5mm, L10-19-12.75mm, L10-18-12.75mm, L10-18.5-12.75mm, L10-19.5-12.75mm, L10-20-12.75mm, L10-20.5-12.75mm, L10-21-12.75mm
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These Cues are made to order, subject to availability and could take 2+ weeks to become available.

Lucky cues are designed, engineered and exclusively distributed by McDermott Cue. Lucky cues offer a mix of premium maple cues and intricate graphic overlays. These features give you an exceptional value for one of the most solid hitting globally manufactured cues in the industry. Please click on the image to see full cue view.
Lucky Pool Cues
* Hard Rock Maple
* Red paint
* Overlay index rings
* 3/8"-10 joint
* Irish linen wrap

McDermott Lucky Pool Cue - L10 Reviews
    • Reviewed By: Ricardo E Oct 25, 2012
    • Rating: Ranking 1Ranking 2Ranking 3
    • I really enjoy the McDermott pool cue line i have played with a mcdermott for a long time now, and the help and responce i have gotten from has been great.if anyone out there has ever thought about a mcdermott cue but have not given them a change, might i say go for it best cue on the market bar none, be sure you get it from they will always be there to help with any questions you might have.