McDermott G-Series G214 Grey Pool Cue Stick

Product Num: G214
Manufacturer: McDermott
Product Numbers:
G214-19-As Shown12.75mm, G214-19-Black12.25mm, G214-19-Red/White12mm, G214-18-Black/Green12mm, G214-19-White/Double Black12.75mm, G214-19-Red/White12.25mm, G214-18-Blue/White12mm, G214-21-Black/White13mm, G214-19-Black/Blue13mm, G214-21-Blue/White13mm, G214-21-As Shown13mm, G214-19-Blue/White13mm, G214-21-Black13mm, G214-21-Black/Brown13mm, G214-20-Blue/White13mm, G214-18-Blue/White13mm, G214-21-Black/Red13mm, G214-21-Black/Green13mm, G214-21-Black/Blue13mm, G214-21-Brown/White13mm, G214-21-Brown/Black13mm, G214-21-Brown/Black11.75mm, G214-21-Brown/Black12mm, G214-21-Brown/Black12.25mm, G214-21-Brown/Black12.5mm, G214-21-Brown/Black12.75mm, G214-18-Black12mm, G214-19-As Shown12.25mm, G214-18-Black/White11.75mm, G214-19-Black/Blue11.75mm, G214-20-Black/Blue12.25mm, G214-20-As Shown12mm
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These Cues are made to order, subject to availability and could take 2+ weeks to become available.

McDermott is an industry leader with it's use of the finest materials, quality craftsmanship and over 35 years of cue-making experience. The G214 cue features McDermott's G-Core shaft which uses CT technology and three-layer construction to enhance hit integrity, minimize vibration and allow you to maintain efficiency and accuracy. Birdseye Maple stained Titanium Grey with an organic, European stain, man-made Ebony sleeve with four Italian pearl inlays and an Irish linen wrap deliver sophisticated design. McDermott's commitment to quality is guaranteed with a lifetime warranty against warping and defects. Made with pride in the U.S.A. 

Features Include:

  • Birdseye Maple forearm 
  • Recon Ebony sleeve 
  • G-Core shaft 
  • 3/8"-10 joint
  • 4 Italian pearl inlays
  • Titanium Grey European organic stain
  • Genuine Irish linen