McDermott G-Series G211 Blue Pool Cue Stick

Product Num: G211
Manufacturer: McDermott
Product Numbers:
G211-19-As Shown12.25mm, G211-18-Black/Blue12.75mm, G211-21-Black/Blue13mm, G211-19-Black12.75mm, G211-19-As Shown12.75mm, G211-18-Black12.75mm, G211-18-Black/Red11.75mm, G211-21-As Shown12.25mm, G211-21-Black/White13mm, G211-18-White/Double Black12.5mm, G211-21-Red/White13mm, G211-19-Black/White12.75mm, G211-19-Blue/White13mm, G211-19-Black/Blue12mm, G211-18-Black/Blue11.75mm, G211-18-Red/White12.25mm, G211-21-Red/White12.25mm, G211-21-White/Double Black12.25mm, G211-20-Black/Green12mm, G211-20-Black/Green12.5mm, G211-19-Black/Blue11.75mm
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G-Core LogoThese Cues are made to order, subject to availability and could take 2+ weeks to become available.

The McDermott G Series Pool Cues delivers the latest technology with high quality craftsmanship guaranteeing hardcore performance as you play in style! The G-Core Shaft with CT Tenon Technology provides optimal strength, control, and accuracy, ensuring that your opponent will be racking up the pool balls as you rack up the points. The McDermott 58'' G Series G211 Two-Piece Pool Cue is made of durable Hard Rock Maple and Carbon Fiber and designed with a Birdseye Maple forearm, a Recon Ebony sleeve, 4 Italian pearl inlays, and Pacific Blue European organic stain. Includes a manufacturer's lifetime warranty against warpage and defects.


  • Birdseye Maple forearm
  • Recon Ebony sleeve
  • G-Core shaft 
  • 3/8"-10 joint
  • 4 Italian pearl inlays 
  • Pacific Blue European organic stain
  • Genuine Irish linen wrap