Fat Cat Storm MMXI Air Powered Hockey Table

Product Num: 64-3011
Manufacturer: GLD Products
Product Numbers:
64-3011-TD, 64-3011-ROC, 64-3011-WG
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Weather forecasts can cause excitement, so can this air powered hockey table. It's the hoopla coming from the rec room that sounds like thunder that gives this table it's name. The Storm Air Hockey Table offers intense, fast-paced fun that will keep your friends and family entertained for hours. Its 110v motor and smooth playing surface ensures back and forth action and non-stop excitement. The sleek metallic look of this table is sure to compliment any home. Perfect for those stormy days, or any day!


 Smooth, white playing surface with colorful graphics

  • 5" leg levelers
  • One LCD electronic scorer (3 AAA batteries not included)
  • 110v motor with air flow of 80 cubic feet per minute
  • Abacus manual scoring for extended play
  • Quick playing surface allows your puck to reach lightning speeds
  • Dual end rail puck return
  •  Accessories

     2 pushers 4 pucks  

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