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Poker for Dummies by Richard D. Harroch and Lou Krieger

Product Num: W-9780764552328
Manufacturer: Wiley Publishing

Rake in the Chips with this savvy guide to poker basics and beyond!

Whether you're looking for an edge in a friendly weekly game or aiming for the championship in a local poker tournament, this friendly guide shows you step-by-step how to bet, bluff, and play your way to the top, from seven-card stud and high-low splits to Omaha and Texas Hold'em.

Discover how to:

  • Understand Poker Rules
  • Play popular poker games
  • Keep a "poker face"
  • Read your opponenets
  • Participate in poker tournaments
  • Make the most of video and internet poker

ISBN 978-0-7645-5232-8

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Teach Yourself Visually Poker by Dan Ramsey

Product Num: W-9780471799061
Manufacturer: Wiley Publishing
Teach Yourself Visually Poker by Dan Ramsey

Do you feel like you're up the river at a poker table? Can you tell a bad hand from a good one? Do you know a kicker from a Joker? With Teach Yourself Visually Poker, you can become an ace player in no time, whether you play at home, in a casino or club, or online! You'll learn the basic rules, terms, and strategies for such popular poker games as Draw, Stud, Texas Hold'em, and Omaha. Step-by-step plays teach you how to read your opponents, how to tell when to hold or fold, and how to bluff like a pro. Hand-ranking and odds charts help you to take your game to a whole new level.

Concise two-page lessons show you all the steps to playing the game and are ideal for quick reference

  • Color photos make learning hands, strategies, and variations a sure thing
  • Step-by-step instructions walk you through betting strategies and the play of typical hands
  • Helpful tips provide additional guidance

ISBN 0-471-79906-8

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