Target Darts Phil Taylor 9Five Generation 5 Japan Soft Tip Darts

Product Num: 200931
Manufacturer: Target Darts UK
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Special Order Item!

The Power 9Five 95% G5 Japanese Barrel is available in a 22g barrel weight & features a rose gold Titanium Nitride coating at the front of the barrel which beautifully contrasts with the hand sandblasted black Titanium Nitride coating on the rear. Complete with Power G4 shaft,  Vision Ultra Power G5 Vapor S flight & Black Pixel Tip. Target's unique Japanese packaging style features a window for a clear view of the dart and the striking Power 9Five G5 visual branding.?


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These Darts are a limited Quantity item and subject to limited availability.

They are special Order Items and may take 2-3 weeks to fulfill. They are not always available for expedited shipping.

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