Widowmaker Black Convertible Darts
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Manufacturer: Laserdarts

Manufactured by Laserdarts the maker of the popular Black Widow darts. 18 Gram on backorder.

High-Density 90% Tungsten Barrel

Slim, Multi-Grip Design

L-Style WIdowMaker© ‘Shape’ Champagne Flights & rings

Changes from Soft to Steel Tip by changing Points

Packaged in a Laserdart drop sleeve


18g- length 40.64mm, diameter 7.137mm

20g- length 41.91mm, diameter 7.137mm

Flights may vary.

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Widowmaker Black Convertible Darts Reviews
    • Reviewed By: SAMUEL Jul 26, 2023
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    • Reviewed By: Chris Feb 15, 2019
    • Rating: Ranking 1Ranking 2Ranking 3Ranking 4Ranking 5
    • I've been throwing darts for 32 years, starting out in steel tip and now throwing soft tip in my first ever league. I'm one that wants to feel the dart in my fingertips, with having some sort of indention that allows me to grab the dart in the same place throw after throw. If you like a dart that won't slip and can grab in the same spot these are the darts for you! I have many, many sets of soft and steel tip darts, these by far are my favorite! They're worth every penny and then some! Enjoy!
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