Viper X-Treme Electronic Dart board

Product Num: 42-1022
Manufacturer: GLD Products
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The Viper X-Treme dartboard is comprised of Target Tested Tough, commercial grade nylon segments that out perform conventional plastic.  12 dart storage in door panel.  16 player scoring options for all your friends, or master your skills against the computers' 3 skill levels.


  • Regulation 15 1/2" target face
  • Concave segment holes
  • Display with scrolling screen
  • Single/double in/out options for 01 games
  • Best dart out for 01 games
  • Single/double bullseye option
  • Handicap option for each player
  • Single or team cyber play
  • Fast game selection with up/down buttons
  • Auto sleep mode
  • Front mounting for easy hanging
  • Auto player change
  • Missed dart button
  • Eliminate score button
  • Team double elimination
  • Missed darts catch ring
  • Voice with adjustable volume
  • Bounce out button
  • Drawer for extra tips
  • Storage for 4 sets of darts
  • Store 5 of your favorite games for easy retrieval
  • 1 year limited warranty


  • 6 extra darts
  • AC adapter (9v 500MA, positive to negative)
  • Game manual

Closed dimensions - 26"h x 21 3/4"w x 3"d
Open dimensions - 26"h x 58"w x 2"d
Number of games - 48
Number of options - 266
Number of players - 16
Display - 4 person LED cricket display
Spider - Ultra Thin 

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Viper X-Treme Electronic Dart board Reviews
    • Reviewed By: Marvin Mar 21, 2014
    • Rating: Ranking 1Ranking 2Ranking 3Ranking 4Ranking 5
    • Best electronic dartboard I have ever used. Many games, many more options, unlimited fun. I would recommend Viper Extreme Electronic Dart Board to every darting enthusiast.
    • Reviewed By: Bob Feb 27, 2012
    • Rating: Ranking 1Ranking 2
    • Menu system is terrible, no way to just restart a game you just played. You have to go through the entire menu process again. If you hit to close to the Next/Start button it will skip to the next player. The outside holes are to big a lot of bounce outs. Dividers between segmants are too big. I would not buy it again.
    • Reviewed By: David Jan 27, 2011
    • Rating: Ranking 1Ranking 2
    • I am returning this dartboard. The electronics seemed to be flawed. The machine blurrs together "remove darts" and "next player". It also continues to blur these words together until you push next player. I also experienced a scoring problem. The board would register 3 shots on one dart. I would like the return instructions sent to my e-mail.
    • Reviewed By: Erica Jun 24, 2010
    • Rating: Ranking 1Ranking 2Ranking 3Ranking 4Ranking 5
    • Bought this as a gift-he loves it! The scores light up great and its very easy to use. The extra darts are nice too!
    • Reviewed By: Steven Feb 15, 2009
    • Rating: Ranking 1Ranking 2Ranking 3Ranking 4Ranking 5
    • Great board, lots of games and variations of games. Lots of fun.
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