Vintage Miller Lite Dartboard Set

Product Num: ML7000-WHT
Manufacturer: Trademark Games
You Save:

Bring the game to your game room, garage or collection with a custom beveled wood dart cabinet. Enjoy competition among friends while pre-gaming, during halftime, or at the after party. The custom beveled wood dart cabinet comes with everything you need for a great game. It includes a high quality, self healing sisal fiber dartboard, six steel tipped darts, chalk board scoreboard, out chart, marker (although you will want to use chalk) and mounting supplies. This vintage logo form Miller Lite is a classic and with the throwback green chalk board scoreboards and interior logos, this is a must have for any Miller fan.

Product Features:

  • Dartboard Features:
    • Self Healing Sisal Fiber
    • Removable Number Ring
    • Official 18" Diameter
    • Includes 6 Steel Tip Darts
  • Cabinet Features:
    • Dimensions (Closed): 3" x 20.5" x 24"
    • Chalk Board Scoreboard and Outchart
    • 2 Magnetic Markers with Erasers come with product, however you will want to use your own chalk on these scoreboards, not marker.
    • Screen Printed logo on front and inside.
    • 3 Impressions
      • 1 Exterior (16" High x 14" Wide)
      • 2 Interior (3" High x 7" Wide)

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