Eclipse Electronic Dartboard

Product Num: 42-1020
Manufacturer: GLD Products
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The Eclipse is made of Target Tested Tough, commercial grade nylon segments that out perform conventional plastic.  Easy to read scoring display and 8 player options makes this board a great choice.


  • Regulation 15 1/2" target face
  • Concave segment holes
  • Eliminate score button
  • Missed darts catch ring
  • Handicap option for each player
  • Double in/out
  • Double or single bulls option
  • Quick play buttons for cricket and 01 games
  • Voice prompt for next player/remove darts
  • Auto player change and sleep mode
  • Auto point per dart averaging/01 games
  • Best dart out for 01 games
  • Front mounting for easy hanging
  • Voice with three volume levels
  • Bounce out button
  • Drawer for extra tips
  • Slide-out game list
  • 1 year limited warranty


  • 6 free darts
  • AC adapter (9v 500MA)
  • Game manual

Dimensions - 26"h x 21 3/4"h x 1 7/8"d
Number of games - 48
Number of options - 275
Number of players - 8
Display - 2 LED cricket displays
Spider - Ultra thin

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Eclipse Electronic Dartboard Reviews
    • Reviewed By: Kim Dec 22, 2009
    • Rating: Ranking 1Ranking 2Ranking 3Ranking 4Ranking 5
    • This is a gift for my nephews and I love it! 4 sets of darts and extra tips, all the games, voice, sleep mode, etc. I can't wait to see thier faces on Christmas Eve when they open it! I'm sure the whole family will be playing it the moment the boys open it up!!
    • Reviewed By: mike Mar 15, 2009
    • Rating: Ranking 1Ranking 2Ranking 3Ranking 4
    • I love it but I don't have the instructions to all the different games to be played!