Darts Blog; June 7, 2010

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June 7, 2010

Mastering Dart Math


There is no way to master the '01 game without knowing your best outs and being able to do the math.  Period.  Cultivate these skills through practice.  A complete out chart is available in many places, but any out chart should not be regarded as unalterable scripture.  View it as a suggestion, and modify it to suit your dart play.  You should strive to hit the high percentage numbers, but quirks in your game should not be ignored.  If you can drive trip 13's like a jackhammer, your dart play should not ignore this.  If you like double 10 as an out, and hit it like Barry Bonds hits homes runs, by all means work your close to double 10.

Personalize your game, but do so with reason.  Study the game.  Know the right shots and the best leaves, and when playing with a partner, go by the book, or ask him what he likes.  Your partner may not share your preference for Double 3 as an out.

The quicker you become intimate with the multiplication and subtraction involved in the game, the quicker you will start playing '01 to win.  This bridge is crossed through practice and committing the perferred outs to memory.

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