McDermott Star Pearl Pool Cue - SP4

Product Num: SP4
Manufacturer: McDermott
Product Numbers:
SP4-18oz.-13mm, SP4-18.5oz-13mm, SP4-19oz.-13mm, SP4-19.5oz.-13mm, SP4-20oz.-13mm, SP4-20.5oz.-13mm, SP4-21oz.-13mm, SP4-18oz.-12mm, SP4-18.5oz-12mm, SP4-19oz.-12mm, SP4-19.5oz.-12mm, SP4-20oz.-12mm, SP4-20.5oz.-12mm, SP4-21oz.-12mm, SP4-18oz.-12.25mm, SP4-18.5oz-12.25mm, SP4-19oz.-12.25mm, SP4-19.5oz.-12.25mm, SP4-20oz.-12.25mm, SP4-20.5oz.-12.25mm, SP4-21oz.-12.25mm, SP4-18oz.-12.5mm, SP4-18.5oz-12.5mm, SP4-19oz.-12.5mm, SP4-19.5oz.-12.5mm, SP4-20oz.-12.5mm, SP4-20.5oz.-12.5mm, SP4-21oz.-12.5mm, SP4-18oz.-12.75mm, SP4-18.5oz-12.75mm, SP4-19oz.-12.75mm, SP4-19.5oz.-12.75mm, SP4-20oz.-12.75mm, SP4-20.5oz.-12.75mm, SP4-21oz.-12.75mm


Star cues are designed, engineered, exclusively distributed and guaranteed for life by McDermott Cue. They feature premium maple and exotic woods mixed with intricate 4-color overlays. Manufactured globally using McDermott’s technology, Star cues provide the highest quality cue in its price range.
  • Hard Rock Maple
  • Red pearl inlays/rings
  • Multi-color Overlay points/sleeve 
  • 3/8"-10 joint
  • Irish linen wrap
  • Stainless steel collar/butt plate